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Important Instructions:-

1] It is necessary to send the hard copy of research paper along with a CD. Research Paper should be typed in PageMaker 7.0 For Marathi/ Hindi font Shree-dev-714 and English use Time New Roman.

2. Research paper should be computer typed properly in A-4 size paper and should not be more than six-eight pages including the References and Bibliography. We reserve the right to edit the paper if it contains more than six –eight pages.

3. Photocopy of this membership form can also be accepted and it is mandatory before publication of the paper.

4. For further details and enquiry contact the editor on following Mobile No-09325665856, 09822944826.

General Instructions:-

  1. No Remuneration will be paid for the publication of Research paper/ Article.
  2. Research paper/Articles related to the branches like Science, Engineering and Technology pharmacy, Law, social Science, Music, Fine Arts, Commerce, Agriculture, Language will be accepted.
  3. The Research paper/article should be accepted in English, Hindi, as well as Marathi language.
  4. The view expressed in the published paper/article are not necessary the view of Editorial Board of Journal of Research and Development, Jalgaon [ M.S]
  5. Please see the Membership form and the rules and regulation at the end of the journal.
  6. This is the Non-Commercial Co-operative enterprise for the publication of Research Paper/ Article of professors for professors and by professors.
  7. All the precautions are taken while publishing the Research Paper/ Articles. Although there is any query of the Research Paper/ Article, Editor, Publisher or Editorial board will not be responsible for it. All the disputes are subject to Hon’ble Jalgaon Jurisdiction only.
  8. The decision of the acceptance or non acceptance of the Research Papers/ Articles for the publication in the Journal of Research and Development will be Taken by the editorial board after the recommendation of two experts of the concerned subject.
  9. D.D./M.O. should be in favour of Dr. R. V. Bhole , Editor, Journal of research and Development, Jalgaon Payable at Jalgaon and should be sent on the address of the research journal a membership contribution.